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Initial Registration Application


In order for this application to be processed you must:

  • Complete all relevant sections of the form
  • Upload/send all required documents (see document list below)
  • Send transcript(s) of marks from university(ies) in sealed envelope or request that university send them directly to NSDA.
  • Incomplete applications will be denied. Applicants should note that approval of a completed application, including all required documents, may take up to four weeks. If your application is denied, your registration fee will be returned and you will be advised of the reason(s) for the decision and the appeal process
  • If your cheque is returned because of insufficient funds (NSF), the application will be held back until payment is honoured. An incomplete application or NSF cheque will delay the processing of your application. There is a penalty of $25.00 for NSF cheques.


If you will be uploading a copy of your birth certificate or citizenship documentation with this application, please make sure it is scanned in PDF or JPG format before you begin.

Alternatively, you can send your copy of your birth certificate or citizenship documentation by regular mail but this will considerably lengthen the time for processing.

Required Documents

These documents are required in order to complete the application.

  • Copy of birth certificate or citizenship documentation
  • An official transcript of all pertinent courses. Transcripts must be sent to NSDA in a sealed envelope or sent directly to NSDA from the university.
  • If your university transcript does not yet state that you have met degree requirements, provide a verification letter from the university indicating completion of degree requirements
  • Verification letter from the institution (e.g. internship director) where you completed your practicum program.

Situation Specific Documents

These documents may be required, depending on your situation.

  • If English is not first language, proof of English language proficiency may be required.

Create Your Account
Class of Registration
I have unsuccessfully written the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination in the past.
Exam Preferences
If yes, complete and submit Form for Candidates Requiring Special Accommodation, found in the CDRE Preparation Guide to NSDA.
Members Data
if applicable.
Citizenship Status
Documentation verifying your citizenship status must accompany this application form.
Language Proficiency
If your first language is not English, documentation of English proficiency may be required.

Academic Qualifications
Practical Training
Information on Good Standing and Prior Registration
You must answer these questions as they are required to help establish good character and reputation as outlined in Section 9(1)(a) of the Professional Dietitians Act.
Current Employment
Please provide details of your current employment or volunteering positions.
I do not wish to have my employment contact information made available to other members.
Employment History
Please provide details of your past employment or volunteering positions.
Areas of Practice
(Check all that apply) - Not applicable for students or new graduates.
Birth Certificate or Citizenship Documentation

Upload document

Payment of Fees

In order for your application to be processed you must submit all applicable fees.

  • Application fee (non-refundable):
    • $85.00 - Canadian education
    • $400.00 - assessment fee for international applicants (do not pay membership fee)
  • Temporary registration fee:
    • $266.00 - from April 13 to October 24 (writing November exam)
    • $466.00 - from October 25 to April 12 (writing May exam)
  • Full membership fee:
    • $400.00 - full membership
    • $200.00 - after September 30th

Upon submission, you will be asked to provide credit card information.

Upon submission, you will be given mailing details.

Upon submission, you will be given details on where to send your email transfer.

By clicking the "Submit" button above,

  • You verify that all statements contained in this application are accurate and understand that a false or misleading statement or misrepresentation may be cause for revocation of your license,
  • You agree to keep your account profile up-to-date (e.g. email address, current employment information),
  • You understand that you may be required to provide further documentation and information and undertake other assessments in order to determine eligibility for registration with NSDA, and that the regulatory body will contact you if additional documentation is necessary,
  • You provide consent for NSDA to disclose personal information to third parties and for third parties to disclose personal information to NSDA that may be necessary for NSDA to process your application and verify the information that you have provided,
  • You are aware that you may not practice or use protected titles Dietitian, Nutritionist or the initials P.Dt. in Nova Scotia until you have been formally notified by NSDA that you are entitled to do so,
  • You are aware that you may not begin employment as a dietitian until you have been formally notified by NSDA that your application has been approved.
  • You are aware that personal information requested on this form is used for the purposes of administration of Labour Mobility Agreements with other regulatory authorities, administration of the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination, and generally for regulatory activities under the Dietitians Act. You consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information for such purposes.